Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update: One More Nominee for Brawl's Sequel

I've got one more character to nominate for the next Super Smash Brothers. I actually was considering this character before, but didn't really know enough about him* to really say anything. But after reading some stuff online, including Wikipedia, I've got enough to work with.

Nights: This flying jester/harlequin of dreamland is one resilient character, managing to survive the Sega Saturn and finding a place on, of all systems, the Wii with Nights: Journey of Dreams. Nights into Dreams, the original Saturn game, was even re-released on the PS2 in Japan back in February of this year. Considering Sega's Sonic appeared in Brawl, it's no stretch to think Nights (also from Sega) could appear in the next SSB. Nights may be the Liberachi of video games, but with the ability to fly and change shape he* sounds like a really fun character.
Final Smash: Nights transforms into his* dragon form and moves across the screen under the control of the player with the capability to pass through solid surfaces, giving him* the potential to hit any character anywhere on screen.

* - Most of what I read about Nights suggested "his" gender was androgynous, meaning Nights could be male or female, and depended on the dreamer Nights merges with. I just used "he" because it's easier to type than "she".

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