Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New GotGame Article - Politicians, Princesses and Dragons: Lets Get It On!

Another article I wrote was posted on GotGame just a day or two ago. I had a lot of fun with this one; it was about what kind of fighting game we would create.

Politicians, Princesses and Dragons: Lets Get It On!

After sorting through Diney Princess stuff I was inspired/annoyed by them to come up with a Disney Princess fighting game I called Melee in the Magic Kingdom.

The second was a mythical creature fighting game. I was thinking about a dragon fighting a unicorn and just went from there. I wanted a cool name, and Dragon vs. Unicorn didn't really cover all of the creatures I thought of including. I kind of pulled Other Realm: Survival of the Fittest out of the air. I still can't think of anything better.

The last one I just thought of after all the election coverage, and several cartoons featuring Washington and Lincoln fighting each other I thought it was time. Political Kombat.

Saddly it hasn't yet broken even 10 diggs, and I thought it would do better. Kind of sad about that.

Oh well. I did just turn in an article about the Phoenix Wright musical. Hope that goes well. Haven't seen any other news about it other than what I cited previously.

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