Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Nominees for the Next Super Smash Brothers

If there's one thing that this election has taught me, it's that you can never start campaigning too early. With that in mind, there are probably some matters gamers are looking forward too more than the election, and one of those is the line-up of the next Super Smash Brothers game. While details about the next SSB game are pretty much hush hush over at Nintendo, we can always start to guess and nominate new characters.

It's highly likely that many of SSB's classic characters will be returning, although what new tricks Nintendo may have up their sleeve can only be guessed at this point. Personally I think some kind of co-op/tag-team final smash-type move would be cool. While Knuckles and/or Tails is/are likely to join Sonic if he is to return, there's still no telling what characters Nintendo is considering for the next SSB. But if the sequel to SSBB is anything like it's predecessor (Final Smashes included) and they are looking to have some new characters, I have a few ideas on who I think will be or at least could be considered.

Bomberman - He's had a large number of games and has been tight w/Nintendo in the past. Plus, past games show that different colored Bombermen are easy to do. Besides, SSB can always use more explosions.
Final Smash: Something involving either a large number of bombs or one really big explosion, maybe even with a countdown. Basically, BOMBERMAN GO BOOM!

Donkey Kong Junior - With just DK and Diddy representing Donkey Kong they could use some reinforcements, but there aren't too many other Donkey Kong characters that could make the transition to a fighting game. Dixxy Kong maybe, but going back a little further I think Donkey Kong Jr. would be a lot more fun. Combining Diddy's quickness with a smidge of Donkey Kong's strength, DK Jr could be a tough little roller and puncher, and the toughest hombre ever to wear a onesie.
Final Smash: Junior could be like his daddy and play the bongos, possibly releasing some of those annoying crocodiles from the original arcade game. However he could go through a sudden growth spurt and become more powerful, looking kind of like his daddy, for a certain amount of time. He could even possibly throw barrels.

Banjo-Kazooie - Even though they are set to appear on the Xbox360, they got their start on the N64. So it stands to reason they could make an appearance in SSB, if anything as crossover guest stars like Snake and Sonic from Brawl.
Final Smash: While I've only played a little bit of the original game, I'd imagine something like Kazooie turning into a phoenix and giving off an aura of flame that damages opponents and heals him and Banjo.

Paper Mario: Link is the only character to have had other versions of himself in a Smash Bros. game. This needs to change, especially since Nintendo's poster boy Mario hasn't had one (and no Luigi doesn't count). Paper Mario also offered great and unique game play, and material that would make for a cool move set (ex. temporary flight by folding into an airplane). He could replace Mr. Game&Watch though.
Final Smash: Paper Mario folds himself into some form of weapon (throwing star, knife, something), basically showing just why paper beats rock. Behold the power of origami.

Amaterasu (Okami): Making the transition to the Wii, Okami proved itself to still be a great game. Amaterasu might prove to be a difficult character to control, but fun to play as and possibly even beautiful to watch. It would be nice if Ami left a trail of flowers behind her like in the original game, but that may be asking too much. It might even be interesting to fight as a four legged character. More than anything, it'd be a way for us to play as Okami one last time. CURSE YOU CAPCOM!!!!!
Final Smash: Random strokes from the magic paint brush cause status effects, damage, or blows opponents off the stage. Maybe even causing food to appear like Princess Peach. Some plants and flowers appearing on the stage might be nice too.

Midna (sans Wolf Link): Not too many other characters from the Zelda series have stood out or been as big a part of a game like Midna has. Also, with her sinister smile and hair for a weapon she'd make for an interesting character to fight with. Besides, you can forget having Twinkle as a fighter as far as I'm concerned.
Final Smash: Midna transforms into her true form...beyond that I got nothing except she unleashes dark energy. What this would do I have no idea.

Viewtiful Joe: Another of Capcom's characters who's possibility for sequels was ended when Capcom FOOLISHLY (I repeat, FOOLISHLY) decided to dissolve Clover Studios (again, IDIOTS!), Joe got his start on the Gamecube before porting to the PS2. With his powers there's some cool move potential. Besides, you can't tell me that you wouldn't want to play as Joe in a video game at least one...last...time. (sniff) I'm sorry I...I need a minute.
Final Smash: Either Joe summons Big Machine to smash opponents with giant robot fists, or he uses his powers to move super fast or slow his opponents down for a certain amount of time.

Golden Sun – Just as SSB took characters from Fire Emblem, the Golden Sun series could be another great source for fighters. Personally, I like the idea of Alex being in the game after his work as a trophy in Brawl. Now I admit that I've never played Golden Sun, but after researching the series it seems like there are lots of other great characters that could be potential fighters.
Final Smash: It would depend on who the character is, but if we're still talking about Alex then I'd say something like his palm move as a trophy from Brawl.

Darkrai: Since another Pokemon character is likely to be added to the already huge roster of Pokemon characters in Smash Brothers and since most other legendary Pokemon might be too big or too small, I nominate Darkrai. He's also become something of a fan favorite with his dark, and somewhat emo-esq qualities.
Final Smash
: Darkrai emits an aura that causes all or nearby opponents to fall asleep, at the same time dealing damage with Dream Eater.

Lucian and Aaron (Lunar Knights): LK or Boktai DS has a strong history in Japan, and it's still one of the most unique games available for the DS. Now since Pokemon Trainer and Zelda/Sheik had a "tag out"/change system, this same system could be used for Lucian & Aaron, having them working as a team just like in the DS game.
Final Smash: Depends on who you choose. Lucian might have a dark slash, similar to Link's TriForce Slash, that causes great damage but doesn't knock anyone off screen, while Aaron would have a sun laser blast massive in size but weaker in dealing damage and capable of hitting multiple opponents and sending them off screen. One for distance and one for close range, just like the DS game.

Finally, and probably my most wanted:

Miis - Me, you, and all the other Miis. Your Mii, which is essentially you, could actually be a character in Super Smash Brothers. There are too many possibilities to discuss, but one way this could work is that you set your Mii's move-set up like an existing character model. Kind of like the different colored Alloy Men from Brawl.
Final Smash: Either an alternate form using a different Mii, a Mii parade charge, or Miis just appearing from a dimensional gate, flying and running all over the screen.

Well, what do you think? Oh, and if Nintendo reads this you can thank me for my ideas with a job.

UPDATE - see this post for one more character.

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