Friday, September 12, 2008

Presley Wins, is the Great American Dog! Proof Boxers Rule!

I don't watch too many reality shows, but as a dog lover I found myself compelled to watch Greatest American Dog. It was also great when, in the end, one of my favorite dogs won. If you watched the show, or just look at some pictures, it easy to see why Travis and Presley won. These two may have been the most inexperienced (Presley was a puppy compared to some of the other dogs), but they symbolized what I think is this competition was all about. They are a boy and his dog, and who better to symbolize the concept of Greatest American Dog? Besides, the dog's name is Presley, as in Elvis who sang Hound Dog. It's perfect. What's more, after winning and getting all that money, Presley seemed more excited and eager to play with the other dogs than anything else. That's a Great American Dog for the people/dogs. Besides, who could resist that face.

I'm glad I found this picture, because these were the two dogs I was rooting for from the beginning. I love both boxers and bulldogs, so I was rooting for both of them. It's nice to know that one of my picks won. It was sad to see Tillman leave, but he was already kind of famous. Known as the skating bulldog, Tillman is an internet sensation and was even on Oprah. After what I've read about people's love for Tillman I think he'll be okay as long as he keeps up what he's doing, skateboarding and being lazy. Sorry you didn't win Tillman, but you're still a great American dog in my eyes for just being a skateboarding, surfing bulldog. Heck, just for being a bulldog.

Truth be told I've wanted a bulldog or a boxer for some time. I use to walk a neighbors pair, one boxer one bulldog, and people often thought we looked alike swaggering up and down the street with our broad shoulders and chests and our short legs. And again, how can you resist that face.

I've got to give some special props to little Andrew, the Maltese who came in second. Andrew and his mama/owner Laurie had a wonderful relationship that we could all learn from. While a bit of a mama's boy, as the smallest dog in the competition Andrew lived up to the old saying that it ain't the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. And who can blame him for wanting to make his mommy proud of him. Way to go Andrew.

While I've shed some light on these dogs specifically, I really hope that all the dogs and owners who appeared on Greatest American Dog do well in the future. While this competition may raise the price of some specific breeds of dogs, boxers more than likely, I just hope that people realize that no one breed of dog is better than others and that all dogs are great. After all, chances are we won't be seeing Greatest American Cat any time soon.

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