Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Finger of God, God cries "Objection!"

I had another picture idea. This one I came up with for an article that's due out in a couple of days for GotGame.

If I remember correctly, I was searching google for images under "God" and I came across this portrait:

Now I don't know who painted it or where I originally found it, but apparently I'm not the only one who has used it. I found the same image on some other sites. If somebody does know who painted it and what it's called, please let me know.

Any way, so I found this picture and what immediately came to my mind was the famous Phoenix Wright finger pose.

So I did another search, found the "Objection!"...word balloon, I guess...and cropped it, colored it, cut out some of the excess from the picture and got this:
It's going to be in an upcoming article of mine about an already controversial subject, God and the upcoming video game Spore. It'll have some other pictures I've done, and I wrote it with the help of my editor at GotGame, Jillian. The changes she made were great, only made it better. Thanks Jillian, you rule!

I was particularly proud of this picture. I even named it "God Finger" after my favorite fighting move from one of my favorite animes, G Gundam.

For those of you who actually read my blog or just happen to come across this image, I hope you like it and enjoy this sneak preview of my article. Just be sure to check out the article through my blog or at

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