Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three More GotGame Posts

Companies That Could "Console" You
I wrote about five companies I thought could build video game consoles. Hasn't gotten nearly as many hits as I was hoping. I was even expecting some hateful remarks, but nothing. Looking back, probably could have used a better title.

ENGL 1337: Classic Literature Made Video Games
Tried to make a joke about English lit. with 1337 = LEET. Did get the chance to totally rip on the worst piece of literature I've ever had to read: Voltaire's Candide.

Time Hollow is Full of It (But in a Good Way)
Tried to make a pun on "hollow". Hollow=Empty, as in opposite of full. Only fifteen diggs, but I appear to have peaked the interest of several others into playing the game. Not bad.

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