Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Inside the Voice Actors Studio

My most recent article for GotGame hasn't really gotten the attention I thought it would. I know, depressing. I'm not going to let it get me down though, but I thought maybe if I posted on my blog it might generate more hits (if anybody reads my blog).

The article I wrote was titled "Inside the Voice Actors Studio", spoofing of course Inside the Actors Studio(which I don't really watch except for that one episode with HellBoy). Voice acting is kind of an aspiration of mine, especially since cartoons, anime, and video games use them so much, so I'm familiar with some voice actors. As such I felt like I had a fair background to write the article.

In retrospect I guess the actors I listed anybody could have found information about with a google search. I just tried to list a combination of my favorite voice actors (VAs) ones that gamers might recognize from either anime, video games, or elsewhere. I also tried to show a few VAs I thought were hot. I don't know, maybe I crossed a line. Then again maybe it's just that the article isn't about a popular subject.

My other goal was to illustrate how VAs aren't always recognized for their talent, underpaid, and often lost in the shadow of the characters they play. I also gave props to Mark Hammil's Joker, and Peter Cullen, aka Optimus Prime.

I don't know if any VAs are bloggers or come across GotGame, but if they read my article I hope they like it. To the VAs of America, keep up the good work. A lot of you guys are just as good as any Hollywood actor, in some cases even better.

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